Group psychotherapy

In group psychotherapy we work together on your treatment goals by trying to understand psychological problems against the background of your youth, personality style and living environment, and related underlying conflicts. This make it possible to change your behavior. Group psychotherapy helps to reduce psychological problems and make them more manageable.

Trauma Treatment

In individual trauma treatment we try to process the impact of emotional or shocking events with e.g. EMDR, to enable your post-traumatic stress problems diminish or disappear. EMDR is a protocol-based psychotherapy that helps to reduce the inner interconnectedness of memories of the trauma, negative thoughts and physical tensions.


Waiting time

Currently, there is a 4-week waiting period.

Rates and Fees

All offered psychotherapy for people above 17 years old is included in the basic insurance of the Dutch Healthcare Insurance Act. For 2024, the practice has no contracts with Dutch health insurers or municipalities. In this case, you first pay the bill yourself. You may be able to get reimbursed by an international health insurance provider.  In case of a Dutch health insurance provider, through restitution you get about 70% back from your insurer in case of a "naturapolicy". With a restitution policy you will receive a full refund of the market rate from your insurer. The statutory excess for 2024 of € 385 per year is deducted from the reimbursement by the health insurer.

In order to qualify for reimbursement, you need a referral from a general practitioner with the following details: the name of the general practitioner and their personal AGB code and the probable DSM diagnosis. Should the intake reveal that there is no diagnosis which falls under the insured care defined by the ZiN, no treatment will be initiated. 

The rate for a no-show, which applies if an appointment is cancelled (by phone or e-mail) less than 24 hours in advance, or if the appointment is not met, is € 105,- per missed appointment. This time is reserved for you. No shows or late cancelled appointments are not covered by the Dutch health insurance.


Contact form

You can only sign up using the form below or by email. After that I would like to get acquainted by video or telephone call to discuss whether your problem and request for help, and my way of working fit together. 
At Messages you can see the waiting time until the first appointment. An intake consists of two appointments; after an introductory intake there will be a second intake and an advisory appointment in which the treatment arrangements will be made.